Earth Friendly House Cleaning

Ways Cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning service originally established in Pembroke Pines, located in the beautiful suburbs of West Broward County. From the first day, we recognized the importance of providing you with exceptional cleaning services that are both environmentally friendly and pet friendly. Many house cleaning companies use harsh or toxic chemicals that can have negative effects on the environment. In many cases, these chemicals may pose a threat to the health and well-being of you, your family and pets. You may not even notice these effects with a one time house cleaning. But repeated exposure may cause problems down the line. Keep in mind that small children and pets can be much more sensitive to chemicals when a traditional maid service cleans your home.

So when we started our Pembroke Pines cleaning service, we took a close look at all the natural house cleaning alternatives available to us. We found that eco-friendly products can be just as effective without the harsh side effects. In some instances, the earth friendly cleaning products did an even better job at cleaning homes. Realistically, there is no excuse not to clean with green, earth friendly products.

The next step was to develop our product line so that we consistently use only non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. We researched many natural cleaning products specifically designed for home cleaning and established our core product line. Of course we researched many of the homemade cleaning ingredients as well and incorporated some those into our standard cleaning supplies. Many of these natural cleaning supplies utilize plant based essential oils instead of chemical fragrances which are naturally beneficial. Products that may need an acid base to clean can be made from natural sources such as vinegar or lemon juice, instead of industrial solvents.

At Ways Cleaning, we believe that the healthier alternatives do not have to carry an inflated price. We try to use local sources to foster the community and keep our prices low. We are proud to use these products and hope that you will enjoy the green methods of cleaning.

Healthy Reduced Allergen Cleaning

When it comes to floors and cloth upholstery, we recognized the important of proper vacuum technology. Many people do not realize that equipment should utilize Green technology. But in an effort to be more earth conscience, we turned our research to the various types of vacuums that are available for house cleaning. We soon saw that the BISSELL brand of vacuum cleaners showed a commitment to sustainability, innovation and continuous improvement. BISSELL created a ForEverGreen team to make sustainability an integral part of the company. We have selected their brand for our maid service and office cleaning based on three important company philosophies:

1. Efficient use of resources in their products and operations.
2. Responsible use of chemicals and thorough reporting of product ingredients.
3. Responsible management of waste throughout a products lifecycle.

Then we needed to decide on the functional aspects of the vacuum cleaners in order to clean your home as best as possible. Bagless style vacuums were selected because they reduce waste by eliminating used bags, allow more consistent suction and allow a visual inspection of the dirt being removed. Visual inspection of the dirt allows us to be more informed of your needs and lets us make the necessary improvements to your house cleaning regiment. Next we decided on a multi cyclonic cleaning system. This allows exceptional suction for cleaning your floors and rugs and is far superior for pet hair. This type of vacuum can effectively remove not only the pet hair but also the pet dander. We made sure to select the models that utilize mechanical, spinning attachments to reach all the hidden and hard-to-reach areas of your furniture. Finally, we insisted on models that use dual HEPA filters to reduce any dust or allergens from reentering the room.

So as you can see, there is a lot of thought and dedication that goes into the way that we clean your home. We constantly reevaluate our systems and always invite any input you may have to better serve you.